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Use our contact tab and request an auction item.  Please include your organization, the date of the event, and date the auction item is needed.  

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​Something to Consider

Have you thought about including charitable giving in your business plan?  I personally love the idea of creating a business model that includes a charitable giving component.  When your business thrives, so does your favorite charity or cause.


How to Incorporate Charity Into Your Business Model

Small Business Guide to Charitable Giving and Tax Deductions

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Helping Small Businesses and Non-profits for FREE!


What's the catch? There is none.  I offer free advice about marketing specific to the Santa Clarita Valley to assist in creating a marketing campaign to grow your business or organization.  

I love marketing and I have found there is a need for this service.  When small businesses grow, they improve the community, they hire employees, support local charities, and then we all win!

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